Nimble PTZ Camera Solution

PTZ-Systems offers game-changing PTZ camera solution for your live stream production. With the aid of PTZ-Systems, you can now liberate your PTZ cameras from walls, ceilings, and tripods where they are usually mounted and set them in motion. Specially designed for delicate PTZ ball cameras, the two primary product lines of the PTZ-Tower and the PTZ-Dolly facilitate the optimal shooting experience by unfolding the three-dimensional movement of your PTZ cameras throughout the studio and event area.

Why PTZ Cameras?

PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras have been more and more implemented as an innovative solution for TV and web studio production nowadays. In response to the growing demands in the broadcast industry, PTZ cameras have continuously presented improvements in resolutions and features whilst remaining in a compact size and lower cost.
Given the filming restrictions, PTZ cameras have proved to be a handy solution for remote live production. For instance, through automated operation, a single camera operator can repeatedly capture various shots and multiple camera angles in the control room. What's more, PTZ cameras make versatile production scenarios like web and broadcast studios possible, which provides content creators with plenty of freedom and guaranteed quality at the same time.
The anticipated development of PTZ cameras will be higher resolution and more sensitive motion tracking as well as facial recognition, so automated PTZ camera shots can be more similar to the manual control by a human camera operator.

Start to add more efficiency and creativity to your studio production with PTZ-Systems today!


  • Easily adjustable length with a lever, equally easy manual positioning of the tower on the rail
  • Configurable straight and curved rails
  • Likewise, configurable total length and length of each segment



  • Manual remote control via foot pedals, allowing a single operator to control the PTZ camera and move the camera dolly simultaneously
  • Automated operation and AR / VR possible
  • Straight or curved rails to suit your needs


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